Owner Intake Form

Owner intake form to place your pets in short-term foster

Owner agreement to place pet(s) in short term foster care As an owner of a pet to be fostered in an emergency situation for a short term, maximum of 12 weeks by the Safe Pets Safe Families program we need to make the best decision regarding animals being placed into care and ensure a positive experience for both you and the animals. Please complete this application and add any other information that may be of help us in finding a suitable foster carer: Your honesty will help find the right foster with less risk of needing to be moved.
please upload photos of your pets
If yes please explain
If so please explain
if so please explain
if yes please explain
I hereby indemnify Safe Pets Safe Families Inc, its staff, volunteers and all agents against all actions, court proceedings, claims, demands for damages compensation, cost, or otherwise arising out of or in respect of Safe Pets Safe Families Inc providing emergency accommodation, including any vet care given. In consideration of Safe Pets Safe Families Inc providing such emergency accommodation, I agree that I will not make any claim or demand against Safe Pets Safe Families Inc or any of its staff, volunteers or agents, for anything arising out of or in connection with Safe Pets Safe families Inc providing such emergency accommodation for my animals. If I miss a charity contribution donation agreed upon or become uncontactable for a period of more than two weeks my animal(s) will become the sole property of Safe Pets Safe Families and I will have no further rights in respect of my animals(s) Safe Pets safe families Inc may then, at its discretion, take responsibility for the future care and assessment of suitability for adoption of my animal.