Welcome to Safe Pets Safe Families, a registered charity that provides programs and services to people in the South Australian Community facing disadvantage and crisis situations who have pets. If you are experiencing domestic violence or facing other tough times and not sure where to turn we can refer you to the appropriate services and help take care of your animals while you get assistance.

If you are in an emergency situation please call 000. If you are experiencing domestic violence and need advice or assistance please call the Domestic Violence Gateway Helpline on 1800 800 098 (available 24/7). To contact us call 0490 818 879 or 0435 805 867, email safepetssafefamilies@gmail.com, fill out the contact form on this website or visit one of our facebook pages below and message us through there.  We look forward to assisting you and your pets in your time of need.







Come and Support Safe Pets Safe Families on the 15th November 2017 at the 10 x 10 Philanthropy event in Adelaide


10 x10


Please take the time to watch this short video below from My Saving Grace explaining ‘the link’ between animal abuse and domestic violence