Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not


Give yourself peace of mind and make sure your furry friends are safe with our ‘My Pets are Home Alone’ packs.

These packs contain all you need to make sure that your pets will be looked after in the event of an accident or emergency where you’re unable to communicate. It will make sure that those looking after you also know to look out for the other members of your family!

As well as the pack, you’ll also receive exclusive membership to our database to make sure Safe Pets Safe Families has your details in the event that your nominated contacts aren’t reachable. This way, no matter what happens there will be someone to alert so your pets are cared for.

Designed for a range of situations from illness to a house fire, these packs are perfect for singles, couples or families who know their pets might be home alone.

To provide for maximum peace of mind, each pack contains the following:

> A wallet card to store in your purse or wallet, which alerts emergency personnel to the fact that your pets are home alone and in need of care.
> A sticker to be placed on the window or door to your home, so any emergency services at your house (such as the fire brigade) know how many pets are inside your house.
> A USB stick with digital materials (pre-loaded, or load it yourself) to provide critical information about your pets, such as information about their care.
> A fridge magnet listing key contacts who can collect and care for your pets.

Our packs aren’t just send and forget – we will be there as a backup to make sure your pets are looked after. In the event that emergency services can’t reach your contacts, all items will also provide Safe Pets Safe Families’ details, so we can arrange care and pass on key details.

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