Safe Pets Safe Families offers a foster care service for the pets of people experiencing disadvantage and crisis for up to 12 weeks for a small weekly charity contribution fee dependent on the type and size of animal. This service is targeted at people leaving domestic violence situations or experiencing sudden homelessness or another health or financial crisis and is available in emergency situations at short notice 24/7. This service is supported by a network of volunteers and foster carers who contribute to fundraising activities, transport food, toys and animals to and from foster carers and foster the animals until the client can find new accommodation that will allow them to be reunited with their pet.

This service removes the barriers that people face when they are in these situations and have pets so that they can have their animals cared for while they get the help they need and be reunited with their pets later. This service also prevents many animals ending up in the already flooded shelters which is traumatic for the animal and the owner and thus prevents many loved pets being unnecessarily euthanised.


Paws and Pals


Paws and Pals is one of the organisations programs that provides an outreach service for homeless people who have pets in SA. This is achieved through pop up vet clinics for health checks, microchipping, vaccinations and grooming and financial support for other health and surgical procedures that the clients are unable to afford including de-sexing.