Our People

Vet and animal welfare advisory board

We are a registered Vet service provider registered with the Vet Surgeons board of South Australia

Our Vet advisory board plays a big part of our charity, it means all our information is coming from trusted well informed resources and helps us provide a better well resourced service.

President Chair

Dr Leila haghighi started volunteering for Safe Pets Safe families as a volunteer vet for our homeless outreach service Paws & Pals, Leila now coordinates the pop up vet clinics for people and pets experiencing homelessness. leilas hardwork and dedication is vital to the Paws & Pals homeless support program and the welfare of animals and the physical and wellbeing of people living rough.

Veterinarian Behaviour

Dr Eleanor Parker BSc BVMS (Hons) MANZCCVS

Dr Elle came on board after listening to our founder talk at a philanthropy event and wanted to help the animals in our care who come from traumatic backgrounds. Elle helps with education and training for our foster carers and our partner Women’s Safety Services SA staff. DR Elle is similar to a psychiatrist but in the veterinary field. She is a Veterinarian with a special interest, additional post-graduate study and qualifications in animal behaviour and behavioural medicine. She is hugely enthusiastic and passionate about psychology and mental health in animals and in fostering a strong relationship between pets and their human families. https://www.facebook.com/pawlyunderstood/