Homeless Outreach Services

Paws & Pals is an outreach service that is a proud initiative by Safe Pets Safe Families inc, the outreach service started in South Australia in 2014 by Jennifer Howard at Winter time walking the streets and handing out dog Coats and food to people and pets sleeping sleeping rough. Then in 2016 we held our first pop up vet clinic along side Hutt St Centre and volunteer Vets and a Groomer, We serviced around 30 pets who belonged to people experiencing homelessness or at risk of. Paws & Pals is the first of its kind in SA and we now run a pop up vet clinic and do outreach on a monthly basis in various locations and we also have a Pet food hub and supply our community partners with pet food so people who are struggling financially can access food for their pets easily.

Why is an outreach service so important ?Companion animals have such an important and amazing supportive role in peoples’s physical and emotional well-being, especially when experiencing homelessness, their pets are everything to them and the ability to have access to that joy and support shouldn’t be based on income or a crisis. Pets are family and they don’t want to lose their humans either.Paws & Pals is more then just a free Vet clinic it is like a gateway service, people who are homeless and have pets experience barriers to access other services, we help remove these barriers and sometimes the pop up clinic is the first service they ever come to.

Thank you so much for helping my dog today it meant so very much. My dog is my best friend in the world, today you made me feel human, loved and not forgotten, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Pop Up clinic client