Safe Pets Safe Families provides support programs and services for people in disadvantaged situations including domestic violence, homelessness, mental health crisis and financial crisis who have a pet/s.

The key objective of Safe Pets Safe Families among many others is to provide an animal fostering service to people in crisis so they feel more confident to leave a dangerous situation knowing they do not have to leave their animals behind, preventing them from being abandoned or surrendered to the already flooded shelter system that sees many animals being un-necessarily euthanised.

Pets can also be victims in Domestic Violence situations and if they are left behind they are at risk of being harmed, abandoned or surrendered. Pets can be a barrier to a person leaving a dangerous situation and can also be a barrier to entering shelters and finding new accommodation quickly. The Safe Pets Safe Families foster service places these pets into foster care to give their owner a chance to find new accommodation or get the assistance they need so they can eventually be reunited with the pet.

Paws and Pals is one of the organisations programs that provides an outreach service for homeless people who have pets. This is achieved through pop up vet clinics for health checks, micro-chipping, vaccinations and grooming and financial support for other health and surgical procedures that the clients are unable to afford including de-sexing.

We can also help point people to the services they need for themselves in a crisis and take referrals from many other community organisations to help with peoples pets.

Please contact us at safepetssafefamilies.org.au or via our contact page or facebook pages if we can help you.